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  • DevOps Engineer, Jr. [61] 1 openings
    This role will assist our current DevOps engineer to automate and maintain computer systems for various environments such as production, qa, development. As we do not yet have a dedicated database admin, part of this position will be assisting with MySQL database administration. Apply
  • Information Security Officer [21] 1 openings
    We are a small but rapidly growing company that needs a dedicated Information Security Officer. This is a good position for an ambitious person who is currently mid-level but aspiring to grow with a company and own all aspects of information security within the business. The Information Security Officer's role is to ensure the secure operation of the in-house computer systems, servers, and network connections in accordance with our internal processes, procedures, and compliance requirements. The security compliance officer's tasks also include conducting regularly scheduled audits on internal systems and hosting third-party audits as required in order to maintain certifications and compliance certificates. The other responsibility of the security compliance officer deploys, manages, and maintains security audit systems and their corresponding or associated software. The security compliance officer develops implements, maintains, and oversees enforcement of internal security policies and procedures. He also plans and implements system security administration and user system access based on industry-standard best practices and compliance requirements. Apply

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